Push-Button Publishing Is Here.

Write. Design. Publish. It’s That Simple.

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Version Control

Atlas is based on Git, the powerful version-control system that tracks every change in your content, who made it, and when it happened—and allows you to instantly revert to any previous version.


Tired of pushing MS Word files back and forth? Atlas lets you seamlessly collaborate with co-authors, editors, reviewers, and other people on your team.

Semantic Markup

If you know HTML, you know our HTMLBook format. If you don’t, writing in the Atlas interface is as simple as using a word processor.

CSS Templates

If you know CSS, you can design a book for all our formats. If you don’t, choose one of our beautiful templates.

Digital Formats

Atlas exports to PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and Web at the push of a button.

Print Formats

Publishing to print? No problem. Atlas outputs print-ready PDF for both offset and print-on-demand uses.

STEM Content

Atlas has built-in support for MathML, LaTeX, and syntax highlighting.


Use audio, video, and custom JavaScript widgets. For print output, these features are automatically converted to images.