O'Reilly Contributor License Agreement ("CLA")

Contributor License Agreement

Revised: August 26, 2013

Contributors to O’Reilly Media, Inc. (“ORM”) content projects are required to agree to this non-exclusive Contributor License Agreement (“CLA”) in which ORM acknowledges that each contributor (“you”) retains ownership of the copyright in each contribution and remains free to use each of the contributions for other purposes and independently of the ORM content project to which it was contributed, and grants a non-exclusive license to the contribution to ORM, and its licensees and assigns (the “ORM Parties”).

1. In consideration of the opportunity provided to you by or on behalf of O’Reilly Media, Inc. to participate in and to make contributions to one or more ORM content projects (collectively, the “ORM Project”), you agree to be legally bound by this CLA. ORM’s consent to your participation in and contribution to the ORM Project is conditioned on your agreement to and compliance with this CLA and the ORM Privacy Policy. Because the ORM Project is in development, access to it is provided to you only for purposes of your participation in its development under this CLA. You agree and understand that your participation in the ORM Project is at your own risk, and that it if you need backups of your Contributions, backing them up is your own responsibility and that ORM is not obligated to maintain any back-ups for your benefit.  This CLA applies to all of your current and future Contributions to any current or future ORM Project.

2. ORM understands and agrees that you reserve your ownership in the copyright in any content, data, feedback, contributions, errata, and suggestions made by you regarding any ORM Project and/or contributed by you to any ORM Project (collectively, “Contributions”).  You grant ORM and its licensees and assigns the irrevocable and non-exclusive right in their sole discretion to use your Contributions as they deem appropriate in connection with the ORM Project, and/or any other work, product or service, and the ORM Parties will not have any obligation or liability to you with respect any use and/or incorporation of any of your Contributions (as submitted by you, or as modified or combined with other content by or on behalf of the ORM Parties) into the ORM Project, or any other work, product or service. You understand and agree that as between you and ORM, ORM is and will be the owner of all rights in and to the ORM Project, and any other work, product or service that may utilize the Contribution(s) under this CLA. You grant the ORM Parties an irrevocable license, but not the obligation, to use, in connection with any use made of your Contribution, the name under which you made the Contribution.

3. You warrant and represent that you are legally entitled to enter into this CLA and to grant this license, and (a) if any of your employers has rights to intellectual property created by you which include your Contributions, that you have received permission to make Contributions on behalf of that employer, or that your employer has waived such rights with respect to your Contributions, or that your employer has agreed to its own separate CLA with ORM; (b) if you have employees, you also represent that any employee making Contributions on your behalf is fully authorized to do so, and that you have sufficient rights in the employee's Contributions to grant this license; and (c) the name and other contact information provided by you is accurate. You also warrant and represent that your participation in the ORM Project, and/or your Contributions, will not (d) include unauthorized disclosure(s) of personal information, trade secrets, or confidential information; (e) violate anyone's rights, including without limitation intellectual property rights; (f) contain software viruses or any other elements designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software, systems, or devices; (g) contain or link to commercial solicitations; (h) contain data or technology subject to restriction under laws regulating the export and other dissemination of information or technology; and (i) be inaccurate, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or otherwise objectionable. If you become aware of any facts or circumstances that would make your representations under this CLA inaccurate in any respect, or if your contact information changes, you will notify ORM promptly at As between you and ORM, you assume all risk and consequences resulting from any third party's use of any Contribution. You will indemnify ORM, and our agents, licensees, affiliates, and employees, and hold them and ORM harmless, against any liability, loss or cost, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of any breach of these warranties and representations.  Your contact information is subject to our Privacy Policy.

4. California law and applicable U.S. federal law govern this CLA, and any dispute related to this CLA, and you agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the county of San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

5. ORM may amend this CLA at any time by posting the amended CLA with or without notice to you on and your participation and/or contribution to any ORM Project after such posting will constitute consent to the modified CLA. A current version of this CLA will always be available at